The Condors
There are over 70 condors flying free along the central coast of California. three condors over a big sur ridge top Although they're a single flock of birds, they're managed by two organizations, who each manage specific birds within the larger flock. These sub flocks are known as the Big Sur sub flock and the Pinnacles sub flock. Birds move between Pinnacles National Park and the Big Sur coast as they please.

The Ventana Wildlife Society manages the Big Sur sub flock, and you can learn about those individual birds at

Pinnacles National Park manages the Pinnacles sub flock, and you can learn about those individual birds at

Where can I see them?

On your computer, tablet or phone

The Ventana Wildlife Society has live webcams at its condor sanctuary in Big Sur. You can often seen condors live on the cam feeds at

The Oakland Zoo also has a live webcam at their recovery center. See its feed at

In real life

You can take your chances and visit the Big Sur coast (Highway 1), or hike the Pinnacles National Park, and hope to see condors as you drive/hike. Regardless of whether you see condors or not, both locations are highly recommended places to visit and enjoy.

If you want to maximize your chances of seeing a condor, The Ventana Wildlife Society runs condor tours, where a tour leader will take you on a guided tour of the more popular areas to see condors in Big Sur. They will also have tracking equipment with them to try and find where the birds are during the tour. Find out more at

How can I tell who I saw?

All condors are tagged. They will have a colored vinyl tag attached to one or both of their wings. If you can read the tag, you can find out which bird you saw at

Condors featured in the film

Although many condors are seen in the film, it gives us a more in depth look a two trios of birds, identified by their unique three digit stud ids.

167, 190 & 799

condors 167 and 190 167, known as "Kingpin" is the head of the flock. He and his mate, 190 "Redwood Queen" are seen with their latest offspring, 799 "Princess" as 799 moves from a small chick through to being a fledged juvenile condor.

204, 470 & 534

condors 534, 204 and 470 204, known as "Amigo" hasn't had the easiest of times as a condor in Big Sur, but his son, 470 "Fuego" has been by his side the whole time. These days, a female from the Pinnacles flock, 534, had joined them and this trio are often seen together in the skies above Big Sur.